The Castaway Corner




Hey guys! It's Tino. Welcome to the first (and probably going to be the shortest) blog post on my personal little Castaway Corner. This is just a place to express my thoughts and keep you guys in the know on new Tomorrow’s Tessellations stuff, as well as stuff that I’m up to in my own life. At the moment, I’ve just started to release the albums that fall in line with the // Starting Over // project. So things will be looking a little different on our streaming profiles. New album covers, better mixed versions of our old albums, all that jazz. We're gonna lose a lot of our previous streams, but I don't mind. I'm excited to finally be proud of my music. I’m so proud of everything the guys and I have accomplished this past year. The new album, “A Short Rain From A Cloudless Sky,” will be out in just 20 days on August 30th and I couldn’t be happier. I’m also starting to work on my own content outside of the band. I’ve always wanted to be a filmmaker, so I’m currently working on a feature length documentary. Can’t say too much about it. But it isn’t “Finding Breen.” That one is a major work in progress with a long ways to go. I just wanna take a minute to step back and say I’m astonished at how this band has grown in the past several months. We’ve gained seriously thousands of followers. You guys keep spreading the word about us... Great things are happening. Anyways, I’m fucking happy. Much love, castaways. See you soon.